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Fuck me like I’m a dumb sleazy lot lizard bitch because I am, there’s nobody that needs to save me I don’t want to be protected from sexual satisfaction. Unless you repair cunts or are a Saint gone wrong you better leave me alone because I’m going to take your everything. I love myself enough to promise me the entire world and I’m not giving up on what I want. Can you please tell me why you always try to act like I’m not impressive when I make your dick blow loads like Christmas confetti. You’re just so jealous because I fucked your boyfriend then he fell in love with me, and he wanted to fuck me all the time, surprise surprise he likes pussy too. And then you have the nerve to get upset when I didn’t reject your now ex-boyfriend because he left you he didn’t want you, and I don’t blame him I mean look at me. I’m such a hot twat who loves to get blasted in the ass. I don’t care about a challenge I am up for anything you can call me try-sexual because I am. I will try your mother I will try your daddy and I’ll even try your siblings all of them it doesn’t matter to me. I like being a deep throat skank and landing on big dicks really hot hard big dicks. I can’t wait for me a sweet, rich trick daddy to spoil me with cock and cash. The guys send money when I open my legs and my mouth to satisfy them. The bucks flow when my strap-on comes out and Mami has such fun. You need to know what a freaky slut is. You need to understand how a bitch will suck your dick really right, that is very well. I will make you cum inside of my mouth after I light your puckering asshole up. I am a dirty bitch I like to get nasty, and I don’t give a fuck about a whore who has a boyfriend. I already said it if she wants a threesome, bitch include me because I’m equipped to make it memorable. Slap it out, and I will suck a big dick. I need a big cock stuffed down my throat right now. Can you give me what I desire? I must have some coke and speed then I’m going to get real nasty unbelievably fucking twisted. I’m an offensive little lot lizard tramp I get dizzy about dick, I can’t wait to get inside your car. You can fuck me in your car you can fuck me on the floor you can fuck me outside too I can’t wait. I want to fuck in front of Daddy because daddy always makes me so upset he’s always looking at me telling me I look like Mommy forget that shit Daddy.


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