Ranch Sex Party

Diaper phone sex

I have a ranch party to go to that my sister and her dirty boyfriend invited me to. My sisters boyfriend is always looking at me. One time I caught him being a fucking nasty pervert he was lurking by the pool where I was tanning he hid behind a trash bin and started ripping at his dick while watching me. When I noticed what he was doing it I decided to tease him. I took my top off and let the sun bath on my erect nipples as I knew it was driving him wild. Anyway, this ranch party that I was invited to I hear is going to be a sex fiesta. My sister told me to dress in sexy lingerie, she said it was going to be beyond belief. My cum guzzling slut of a sister said we were going to fuck and suck like lot lizard whores from hell. The guys at this party are going to love my beautiful tits and ass and I can see the cum spraying all over my lovely face. I can’t wait.

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