fetish phone sex

You came for training, but you disobeyed. Your little, tiny cock shemale porn loving ass just wouldn’t listen. You had just made your way out of your cage and here you are being punished again. You stood in front of me with your head hung and apologizing but I don’t want to hear that shit. Actions speak louder than words you sissy faggot.

I pulled your pants down and as usual your button cock was right in front of me. I pulled out the cage again and attached it. You look so cute in it. I laughed as you tried to pull your pants up. Not yet, I have something special for you. I pulled out a gift bag and handed it to you. Your eyes lit up as your unwrapped it. There in your hand you held a bright blue dildo/vibrator. You seemed puzzled as I grabbed it from your hands and put it between your legs. I flipped it on, and the vibrations began. Massaging your balls and shaking your cock cage. You moaned in ecstasy at first and then as your cock started to grow you moaned in pain. I just laughed and laid back on the chair and watched. Little droplets of your cummies started to form. I told you to reach down and get them with your fingers and eat them. I think you probably need a little training too, don’t you?

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