Price to pay

Kinky Phone Sex

I walked into my special playhouse as he was tied up. I sat my fat ass on his face and demanded he eats my ass. As he responded yes nigger bitch we knew what it was time for he became my bitch. I sat on his face while he ate my cunt until I creamed everywhere.  He then took his cock and fucked my pussy the best way he knew how. He kept pumping and pumping until I got back on top of him and started riding his cock  like hed never been ridden. I then grab my strap on and I made him my bitch as I begin to fuck him in the ass. As I’m  fucking  him in the ass I begin to massage his dick and he’s moaning so loud. He can’t control it I can tell so I tell him to cum and he does. Needless to say, all words are welcome in Jolie’s playhouse it’s just a price to pay when using them.

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