Popping His Cherry Was Oh So Fun

My tranny cock was leaking as I rubbed it on his tight virgin asshole. I had tied him up to my bed teasing him before I would show him my shemale cock surprise. His face of shock and surprise didn’t match his hard cock.

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I rubbed my big tranny dick on his lips until he opened his mouth, then I pushed my dick in deep. He sucked it like he knew what he was doing. But when I got behind him, he started fighting a bit. He asked for me not to fuck him that he would just suck me dry. I wanted more and his begging made me harder and leak my pre-cum even more. I pushed my shemale dick right in him, his yelp for me to stop only edged me more. I fucked him hard and reached around and started stroking his cock, it made his tight man pussy relax and take my cock in more. That was it I pushed my dick in deep and filled him up, the feeling of me pumping in him while stroking his cock drained him. He blasted his load in my hand. He is no longer fighting me when I want to fill him up.  

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