Pleasing Daddy

daddy phone sexAs daddy pulled out the blindfold, I knew he was in the mood to play. I love this side of him. He is normally a pretty quiet soft-spoken man but there is darker side of him that just makes my pussy wet. He approached me with his cute half smile, and I lifted my head. He covered my eyes with it and laid me back on the bed. He spread my legs and fastened one to the post. He did the same with my arms. Then he started teasing me. Kissing me from my toes to my thighs and then softly blowing on my wet cunt. One finger at a time he put inside me while flicking my clit with his tongue. Then he softly blew on me, driving me crazy. I felt him move off the bed and then I felt the strike of the paddle against my skin. He knows exactly how hard to do it to drive me crazy. With every strike my pussy grew wetter and my moans louder. As I moaned, I felt his hard cock smack against my mouth and I happily opened, and he fucked my face. He held my hair and rammed it deep while shooting his load. As I swallowed his warm salty cum my pussy grew wetter in anticipation of what was next.

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