Please Daddy more!

little girl phone sex

Tonight was my night to shine with little girl phone sex. It seems that there are a lot of daddies out there who enjoy having a cute little kitten like me at their side. I was in heaven with the last daddy who called, he took me out shopping and we bought all kinds of cute baby girl things! I got a pretty jeweled butt plug, and new pretty purple vibe and some “baby”doll night gowns hehe. When we got back Daddy carried me over to the couch and sat me on his lap for some grown up play time. He took my panties off and started rubbing my clittie and playing with my little titties. I leaned back enjoying the feeling of having my clit grow and my pussy was leaving wet marks on his pants. He then laid me back and put his mouth right next to my pussy before he dove in like a man starving! Daddy was making all kinds of funny moaning noises as he ate my box lunch. I started squealing and moving all over as I was being taken over the edge with my orgasm. After Daddy licked me clean he took his hard cock out and shoved into my tiny twat. He forcefully grabbed my tits and throat while fucking me as hard as he could. I heard him cum with a grunt and then when he rolled off I got a warm washcloth and cleaned him up. I’m on the lookout for a daddy who can take care of me like he does- hope it’s you!  

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