Phone Perverts Paradise is the Place to Cum

Well this came to mind to the theme of Green acres is the place to…. well Phone perverts Paradise is the place to be and better than Park avenue! Now you know I am just very fucked up right now as I had just taken a couple of my son’s young black male friends on with a little fun.

I am that naughty mommy and the boys and girls love hanging out at my house.  Truth is I have the goods and am the funnest Milf of them all. The joy is in teasing these young ones and make them interested. Once I catch them peeking at me or jerking off in my panties, well they are mine to use!

Anyway these three came by skipping school looking for my son. They were under the impression he was also skipping. But he has his eye on some girl at school and went. That left me with 3 young black boys to myself. They expected to cum hang out since my son often skips school and stays home.

These young men are just coming into sexual awareness and have become very aware today. Obviously this makes me even a little sore after these three were caught by their father’s. having had all three big black daddies at my door soon, there was no denying them either. Goodness, I finally finished with them and really should shower but I was scheduled to work!

Phone perverts Paradise

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