Phone humiliation with Little Bitch Boy

Phone sex humiliationI found a worthless Little Bitch Boy on the side of the road and I decided to bring him home with me for some hilarious phone sex humiliation. He’s such a dumb and pathetic sissy, lol I had too much fun with him. I forced him to strip off all his clothes until he was butt naked and exposed right before my eyes. His tiny dick was twitching as it attempted to form an erection but he just couldn’t seem to muster it up! I took my electric razor and shaved him from head to toe & collected all of his hair scraps into a baggie. Of course I was dressed in my sexiest little outfit and was teasing the fuck out of his microscopic penis. His little pre-cum squirts were so cute and small, it was like a tiny droplet of piss or something. He spit on his own little pee pee to get it nice and wet for me. I dipped his sad little cock into the hair-filled bag and got it super nasty so that his shaft looked like a wooly mammoth, I was cracking up laughing at him! I whipped out my phone and was taking all kinds of photos and videos of him while his chode was smothered in pubes! My friends were laughing too when I sent them all the photographic evidence! I even got on Facetime and gave them a live view of me having fun with Little Bitch Boy.

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