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Kinky Phone Sex

I had the sexiest dream last night and I knew I had to share it with you. The dream started off with me in the shower. It was late at night, I was getting ready to go to bed. When I got out of the shower I dried myself off, grabbed my bottle of lotion and walked over to my bed. I sat down, taking the towel off of my mostly dry body. I started rubbing the lotion on my feet, then my legs and up to my thighs. I must have been really turned on by this because once I got high enough on my thigh and could feel my smooth tight pussy lips, I felt nothing but wetness. I started to rub the lotion on my pretty soft pussy, laying back a little with my back arched. Then my dream switches scenes and I can see a man in the corner of my dark room watching me. He is kneeled down in the dark corner, watching me while I am rubbing myself. His cock is out of his pants and he is stroking it real good.

Kinky Phone Sex

He is whispering things to me while he is watching me. Telling me how I have grown up so much since I was a little girl and how I still moan the same when I am rubbing on my puffed up clit. He has been watching me for years. Then my dream switches scenes one last time and I am back to rubbing my soaking pussy. This time I know the man is watching me in the corner but I do not care. I like it, he is turning me on even more. The way he is watching my every move, his cock rock hard in his hand. I can tell he is trying not to cum all over the place, and he is being as quiet as he possibly can be. I get up and turn around on my knees, with my head in the pillow. I want to give him a good view of my tight little ass and soft wet pussy. I start fingering my pussy and use my thumb to rub my clit, making myself wetter and wetter. I was so wet you could hear my fingers pushing my wetness around in my tight hole. At that point it was too much for him, the man in the corner let out a huge moan, his cum flying all over the room. That is when I woke up, the crazy part about it was when I woke up my pussy was just as wet as it was in the dream. I love waking up to a nice wet and horny pussy. It always gets my day started off right. Nos I just need to find a man to help me clean up all of this wet mess.

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