Passed Out and Pulverized

Phone sex games


Everyone who loves phone sex games knows that if you get trashed too early and pass out with your shoes on at a party, then you’re open season for everyone else there.  Whatever they want to do to you is fair game: write on your face, strip you down, take dirty pictures of you, whatever they want to do is all good.  Well, that was me at the Halloween party I went to last night and, boy, did my freaky friends really let me have it!

I was pretty wasted when I showed up to the shindig.  I waltzed in there dressed as a naughty nurse with a flask in one hand and a blunt in the other.  Within an hour of arriving, I was nodding off during a heated round of “Presidents & Assholes” while the guys on both sides of me molested me under the table.  That was hot but it was the last thing I remembered before waking up this morning.  My friends said I blacked out and started giving lap dances to the whole crowd.  That sounds like me.  Before long, they apparently found me lying in a ball in the middle of the bathroom floor.

I got taken into a room and put on a bed and that’s when the real fun began.  The guys told me about peeling my unconscious body out of my clothes and giving me a rub down with all of their rock hard peen in fully engorged glory.  They took turns probing my mouth with the head of their cocks as they held my lids open for eye checks.  A few of the girls all went at my horny whore holes with their mouths, I wish I would’ve been awake for that.  I bet it felt amazing.  The only thing I feel today is my completely pulverized pussy and stretched out sphincter.  They really rearranged my guts while I was dead to the world, I gotta give it to them.  I’m glad they took pics to show me, I would’ve been really sad if I didn’t get to see how any of it went down, at all!   


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