Open Wide

fetish phone sexYou already know I love a good fetish freak so when this dude came into my rotation, I was ecstatic. Not only did he let me dress him up like a little sissy boy, but he was into my favorite thing. Let me tell you how it went. He showed up at my door, on his knees with his head hung. Rang the doorbell. I answered. He licked my shoes and asked permission to enter my house. I placed his collar around his neck, attached the leash and walked him into my lair. I had him sit at my feet as we talked about the day’s activities. He was giddy with excitement as I told him that not only was he getting a new pair of panties and matching bra, but I had a special treat for him too. I unleashed him and sent him to the bathroom. He came back wearing his new pink panties and pink bralette with white thigh highs and matching patent heels. His eyes danced as he saw me putting the tarp on the floor. He had always wanted this and today I was going to reward him. But first I put him over my knee and paddled his pansy ass until it was bright pink, and I could feel little cummies drops fill his panties. I kissed the back of his head and told him to lay down on his back. I removed my panties and stood above him, giving him a nice long warm golden shower. He loved it. I bet you would like one too, wouldn’t you?

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