OMG! He Only Had 2 Inches!

He messaged me and emailed me that his wife wanted him to call me. He called and the fact he only has a 2 inch penis really was only the start of it all. I expect Charlie to be a good regular and his wife even reached out to me. She thanked me for talking to him and is completely fine with me using him as my own cash cow and humiliate him as much as I wish. She is happy that I will distract him while she gets her womanly needs met. She has a lover with a big black cock and I saw her in action. She really loves to submit to the BBC and her husband should be also. For the time being I hope to make him my little bitch and have a lot of fun with him. His little pee pee is so small that I can make it squirt in 2 minutes flat, or less! He is really just not meant to please a woman. Are you pathetically small also?

Phone Sex Humiliation

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