Objects to fuck myself with

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There are days where I’m so damn horney any object will do to fuck myself with. First it was a hairbrush handle as I finished brushing my hair I noticed that the long rubber handle would fit perfectly inside of me. I let my towel fall to the floor, lifted my leg up and began pumping away at myself. Oh it felt good but it wasn’t big enough and as the mirror fogged up I knew I had to go find something bigger. My brother’s little league baseball bat lay on the hallway floor. Sure enough I scooped it up and took it to my room. I laid on that bed and tried to work it up inside of myself, handle first. It was a little rough going but I managed to get it somewhat inside of me. Oh, how I was so glad no one was home to hear my moans. And when I had enough of fucking that bat handle, I turned it around and began force fucking myself with big wide end. I think I found a home run with my brother’s baseball bat. I almost screamed! I don’t think I’ll ever give it back. But after I finally got up to find myself something to drink I noticed the banister was looking nice! S sexy with a big phallic knob on top of it. I would conquer that next with my little pussy!

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