No Taboo Phone Experience

No Limits Phone Sex

I am a very open minded teen slut. I want anyone who has any experience with me to be as open minded, I have absolutely no limits. I am into everything from the mild to extreme hardcore. I love lying here playing with my bald pussy and fantasizing about what I am going to get to toy with and get his dick so hard it could cut glass. I am licking my fingers and rubbing my nipples, I love putting my fingers into a v shape and rubbing up and down my box. I haven’t had anal in a long time, we could fuck in public and and you need to spit on my dirty pink hole while you slap that hard dick on my buttcheeks while spreading them apart. I am that little bitch that will fuck you while your wife is in the other room just gag with me a pair of her dirty panties. I know my pussy is so much tighter and wetter than hers. So if you want a no taboo sexual experience why look any further? Also I should mention the more twisted and morbid the better.

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