Night Run For Cum

Phone Sex Porn

When I get lonely on a Saturday night sometimes I take a long jog through the park in my tiniest workout clothes hoping to meet a guy while I run. Last night I got lucky and saw a sexy pair of guys running together, I pretended to trip in front of them and sprain my ankle. Little did they know as they tended to me that my ankle was perfectly fine, it was my pussy that needed the extra attention! One of the guys lifted me up and sat me on a bench, it was dark and no one was around so I took my chance grabbing one of their cocks. They seemed surprised that I would be so slutty but their cocks told me that they were excited. I pulled down my jogging shorts to expose my wet pussy to them. One of the guys started stroking his cock while the other fingered my pussy. We started fucking right there in the park at midnight!

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