Naughty Teacher

bald shaved pussy

I know you saw how I didn’t wear and panties under my tiny little school girl skirt for class today. I looked up and saw you readjust your huge bulge while staring right at my bald pink pussy. I stayed after class with you today and while you weren’t looking, I walked around your desk with my pussy and ass out for you to see. You look up a little startled and immediately try to back up but it’s too late, I grab your pants and get down on my knees. Mmm you’ve been a naughty teacher sir, look at how hard you are for me. I grab your cock and shove it all the way in my fucking mouth. That must’ve triggered something in you because you fucked my pretty little whore mouth until my lips were numb. You bent me over your desk and fucked my bald pussy so fucking good while telling me how fucking wrong this is but you don’t fucking care. You cum deep inside of me and I don’t try to stop you at all, I fucking love having a big load of cum filling me up to the brim.

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