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No limits phone sex

I don’t care what they say, oh the whores can call me names as many times as they want it won’t stop me from being a fucking slut. I’m a girl who has fun. I don’t mean to make you angry, but I don’t give a fuck what you think I’m watching you say I like to play the games I play. I fuck with guys that have girlfriends I fuck with guys that have wives too. I am a dirty bitch I am a filthy slut I fuck all night long I like my ass to be touched with cock and more cock. Last night I got caught in the bar restroom with some guys hell yeah there were five guys. I had such a fucking slutty time a bitch like me will always have the most fun because I’m not afraid to be swept away. I am a lot lizard cumslut I like to cum a lot I like the big dicks in my asshole. Last night was amazing I got fuck so good three big black guys and two brawny white guys. We fucked like crazy beasts from hell, it was excellent, and I could do it again. No one wants an annoying fucking whore no one gets turned on with a bitch who always says I don’t do that. Guys are always turned on by me they love the side of me it’s like I’m a siren, but I don’t have to sing to him all I have to do is show up wearing something tight and very revealing. My mother taught me that she couldn’t stay out of the bars and she couldn’t stay out of married men’s faces. My mother is an old whore, but she can still pull a young fucker. My mother says that young guys are virile and it’s easy to teach them how to use their big fat cocks my mom gets to go on fancy trips with Rich guys, and she gets to pay poor little young boys the kind of attention that those old guys just can’t keep up with anymore. I feel like being fucked so hard that I’m exhausted after that’s the way that I’m feeling today. I need to be fucked all the time because I am a nymphomaniac and I hardly care what kind of guy it is I will fuck a guy that is a businessman clean-cut and well-groomed and I will also fuck a guy who is a raggedy fucker.

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