My White Knight


Fantasy phone sex


I want to get fucked like the whore that I’ve always been I need a dick right now, and that’s no fucking joke. I love getting my ass banged in it’s my favorite activity. I’m a cunt slut, and cunt sluts always get our way. All I want is dick all day and night. Some guys can’t have this pussy because they’re fucking idiot losers and then other guys I fuck them right in front of the losers face it’s so good it’s what I love to do. I know this fucking loser named Reginald he’s a fucked-up individual who likes to pay and then act like he owns you. This needy motherfucker acts like because he bought me a few trinkets that I owe him my pussy I don’t think so. He has a small stupid dick it’s nothing Plus I don’t like black guys I like white guys with big dicks and Reginald is a black nigger with a small dick, and that’s so unattractive. I can’t stand him, and it chaps my hide. I hate nigger’s who thinks they can fuck you because they give you money. I don’t want that motherfucking dirt demon trying to fuck me he’s a loser. That’s why I’m going to fuck my new boyfriend in front of Reggie’s face, and I’m going to make Reggie cry I love making niggers beg because they’re such good beggers and I love a good begger. I am a hot piece of ass I know that for sure not just anybody can fuck me. Reggie is a loser. My real boyfriend is a white winner. I’ve long for a white knight just stroke his big fat cock in me and make me feel the love. I know that I’m a cunt slut, but this pussy is too good to waste. Would you like some?

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