My Two Fantasies Fulfilled

Sissy phone sex


What are you doing at my door, sergeant Stevens? I thought I told you to stay the fuck away from my house. Everybody is going to find out about you’re harassing me; your ass is going to get exposed. This is Sergeant Steven every inch of massive 5 feet 2 in tall Napoleon syndrome card-carrying citizen. Sergeant Stevens has had a crush on me ever since we were in school, and he’s been trying to press himself on me, but I’m a slut, and I don’t want to be his fucking goody-two-shoes why. Sergeant Stevens thinks that he can save me, that’s why he’s at my damn door every night and every morning trying to see what I’m doing. This squint of a man is making my love life hell right now. You see, Stephens found out that I’m fuking a whole other type of guy a black guy with a big fat humongous dick. Ever since the old Sargent found out that I’m getting fucked real good, he’s mad. He was at my door last night and this morning and right now, but in my bed is lying my massive cock black houseboy. I’m going to invite all Sergeant Stevens into the house today. Come right on in, why don’t you have a seat right there on the couch, and I’m going to go get you something to drink. I’ll look at you; you’re just so damn cute and pitiful all at the same time. I like to laugh at you, but you can think that we are laughing together with each other if that makes you feel good and some kind of way. You are a bothersome piece of bottom-feeding shit, and I suspect that you know this. Well, let me peek into my bedroom and check on my huge satisfying Beast of a man. Look at him right there laying looking so fuking aggressive even in his sleep he looks like he could overpower all of my senses. I tapped him to wake him up, and I told him that the sergeant is in the living room, why don’t you go say hello to him. My Beast black God erupted it out of my bed. He was glistening from my squirting pussy juices that I rubbed into his skin after we fucked like mad stallions. He got up and walked right into the living room naked body, big dick in complete Beauty and all. I waited for a second or two. I walked in carrying Sergeant Stevens’s big cup of nice refreshing lemonade. My robe had come undone; the sergeant could see my nipples were peeking out at him, dripping wet pussy. I think Sergeant Stevens was already over the edge with that big black dick swinging riding his face but to see us both but naked knowing that was mean we had already been fucking or we would be real soon. My overpowering Alpha black man instructed Sergeant Stevens to put his 12-inch black rock hard cock into my sopping wet pussy. I don’t know what ran through Steven’s head, but he did exactly what my black man told him to do. The sergeant grab that a hard black dick; it seemed like it made him weak. He bent me over, and he ran that big black dick and tomorrow wet pussy. There’s so much more to tell you it was a long night. The sergeant doesn’t bother me now that I know he’s going to be my little sissy. I’ve got both of my fantasies wrapped up in one. I get to get fucked by a massive Alpha cock, and at the same time, I got to rule over an extreme beta male.

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