My Special Surprise

Hot phonesex
I have a special surprise stored inside my bikini line for any man “man” enough to handle it! Ten inches of sheer, unadulterated she cock throbbing and oozing sticky pre cum awaits you, beloved. Don’t you think you can handle my stick? If not, maybe I’ll be nice and slide a finger in that ass to get it all warmed up. Then two, then as many as I fucking want! I’ll fist that fuck hole if it pleases me, and depending on how mouthy and whiney you are, I just might.

This cock is ten inches, ten mother fucking ass stretching throat choking inches, and my balls are real heavy with a hot dosage of cum. Are you hungry for this sticky load baby? Open up and say “ah!” for this big she male cock! I want to see it bulging in your throat, want to see you doing everything you can to suck out my jizz.

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    • Larry on August 20, 2021 at 5:23 am
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    Nice lady stick!

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