My Roommate Katia Cums for Lunch!

Group Sex My roommate brought my lunch to work for me and we ended up in the boss’ office sharing his cock! Katia was kind enough to bring my lunch to work because I forgot it on my way out that morning. I was on a call when I saw her walking in, her long beautiful legs showing in that cute little dress she had on with heels. I was excited to see her so I got up and gave her a hug as I thanked her for making the trip. While we were hugging, I noticed almost every guy in the office was staring at us, including my boss. We laughed at them a little but then my boss came out and asked us both to come into his office. Once he closed the door behind us and shut the blinds for even more privacy, I knew what was going to happen and my cunt was already getting wet! I winked at Katia; little did she know she was about to help me go for that raise. I dropped to my knees, crawling under the desk to begin sucking my boss’ cock, Katia followed my lead and started to strip naked. Only a minute later we were both moaning as the boss tasted our pussies and began to slide his cock in our holes. Katia rode his cock on the desk while I pulled out the glass dildo, I kept in his drawer to shove it in her tight little ass. Feeling that dildo slide in her made Katia squirt and my boss came hard inside her. I was so ready to lick Katia’s fresh creampie that I completely forgot about the yummy lunch she brought me!

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