My Perverted Encounter

I ran into an older gentleman a couple of days ago while jogging on the trails near my home. This man was sexy and looked like he had a lot of experience under his belt when it came to sex. I took a chance on this man and damn, I am glad I did. He was working out, really seemed to be in his own world so I knew I had to get his attention. I jogged next to him, dropping my water bottle. That got his attention right away. He looked up at me and we locked eyes. He picked my water bottle up and introduced himself. I could already tell this man was a freak in the sheets and I was sure he could teach me something new. He said he had to go, he wrote down his number before he left and told me he hopes I use it soon. I am a woman of action and I knew I would be using his number later that night. Once the sun went down, I gave him a call, he picked up the phone on the first ring, I think he was hoping it was me calling him. He had a relieved sound in his voice when he heard me on the other end

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I told him I had a great time with him and I would love to hang out together again and get to know each other better. He was down with that also. I told him if he wanted to he could come to my place that night, he said yes and he was on his way. When I opened the front door for him and saw how well he cleaned himself up I knew I had to see him without any clothes on. I could just tell by the way he carried himself he had a nice big cock hiding underneath all of those clothes just waiting to meet me. We decided to watch a movie on my big comfy couch. We had small talk throughout the movie. We agreed to watch a scary movie, I think we both knew what the end results were going to be that night anyway. His hard dick meeting my wet pussy was the desired outcome of the night. By the middle of the movie, my wet warm cunt couldn’t take much more, she kept tingling, sending signals to my brain to touch this man. I started rubbing on his inner thigh when I felt his hard as a fucking rock cock laying in the inner part of his thigh. I looked up at him and he stared back down at me. Instantly, we started kissing and rubbing our bodies on each other. The sexual tension finally broke! All I can say is I need to start looking for older men who are not afraid to show my younger pussy some tricks. He put me in positions I never thought were possible. The way he got his whole hard 10-inch dick balls deep in my pussy was amazing and the way he licked my begging ass and wet shaved cunt made me cum right on his face back to back. He invited me to his place this weekend, he said he had a room solely dedicated to sex. I can’t wait to see what else my new sexy man is going to teach me.

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