My Hottest Summer Job

Tight shaved pussyI will never forget how it felt the first time my pussy ever squirted. Like most broke high school sluts looking to make money, I started babysitting the little brats in my neighborhood after school and during the summer. The young couple down the street had just had their new little bundle of joy and was looking for someone to help out. They explained that they needed someone who understood their unique family needs. They not only needed a babysitter but also needed a hot blonde with perky tits and a perfect round ass to play with. I knew this opportunity would be perfect for me. The thought of being their teeny, blonde fucktoy made my pussy moist with anticipation. I told them I would accept their kinky offer. Before we made it official the wife told me she needed to check one last thing. She licked her full, pink lips and winked. I stripped out of my shorts and tank top, sat down on the edge of the chair and opened my legs wide. The wife started licking and kissing my bald pussy lips while her husband watched. She held open my wet pussylips and drew circles around my clit with her tongue. She licked and sucked my clitty while my thighs rested on her shoulders. My tight teen pussy had never been licked like that before. I felt my body start to tense up and shake. His wife worked her tongue more intensely in and out of my pulsating kitty. I couldn’t hold back any longer. My teeny pussy did something it’s never done before. My sweet nectar dripped down the wife’s hot face. She smiled at her husband and he let me know I was hired. It turned out to be the hottest summer job I ever had. 

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