My Brother’s Keeper

Fantasy phone sex


My step brother was sitting on the bed. I was kneeled in front of him and sucking his fat white cock. Living in the same house with him has been torture for me. I am sure he felt the same. His mom and my mom just got married. We are suppose to be brother and sister now. My young hormones were raging and so was his. So i decided to give him a blowjob. I wanted to taste his cum in my mouth like the dirty little slut I am. This had my brown juicy pussy leaking its honey all down my leg. I kept sucking harder and sloppier. All of a sudden the bedroom door flew open and I did not stop. There stood my mom! I did not stop because I wanted her to see how much of a slut her little girl really is. To my surprise she just stood there and watched. Almost as if she was enjoying it. I saw her grab her breast and fondle them. This must have excited my brother because he instantly exploded in my mouth. Cum dripped down my cheeks. This Fantasy Phone Sex is what I have been wanting ever since my mom moved him and his dad in. Now I get to be my brother’s keeper and fuck and suck his long white cock everyday. My mom does not seem to mind. That is even better. Maybe I can get my step-dad in on the fun.

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