My Bestfriend

2 Girl Phone Sex

I’m used to seeing other naked women and usually it doesn’t bother me except lately. My best friend has a good body and it’s normal for us to compliment each other about it but she’s been saying some naughty things to me. She keeps telling me that she likes how my nipples get hard for no reason and how pretty and pink my pussy is. It doesn’t bother me at all in fact it really turns me on. Right now, we are laying in my bed naked, and she was telling me just how pretty my pussy was and how she really wanted to get a closer look at it. I let her go in between my legs to get a closer look but what she didn’t expect was to see my pussy get wet. I was so embarrassed until I felt her warm tongue lick up my wetness. I moaned out which made her do it more. I never realized how badly I wanted her to suck on my pussy until she was doing it and she was so good at it. I let her lick my pink pussy until I came. Just the thought of her tongue swirling around my sensitive clit and licking up all my cum. When she was done, she asked if I wanted to taste it and I wasn’t sure but she said that I taste good so I didn’t want to say no. I never knew how sweet I would taste and I’m glad I can’t wait to taste her


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