Mutual masturbation co eds make a video clip

Mutual masturbation is what I’m going to teach my new sexy blonde room mate. I think we can drive these frat boys wild by making  videos of us making out and rubbing each others pussy’s. Guys are so visual! I want the guys watching to be stroking their throbbing cocks while watching us lick each others clits and finger fuck each other. I love to jam my finger into my roomies hot wet box, making it slippery wet with cum I will lick my fingers slowly and seductively for the camera. She has a nice gash Next I’m going tongue fuck her slit until she glazes my face with her pussy juice. I use tongue to dip into her cunt and make her moan. I know this slut is close to climax when she arches her back and lets out a soft moan. it makes my pussy wet with anticipation I start to feel a slick trail of cum between my thighs and it runs down tickling my ankle and pooling at my heel. I shove my toe into her mouth and tell her to suck hard bitch, her drool spills out the sides of her mouth and down the arch of my foot. All of this is on camera for those horny coed dudes watching. I can just picture them jerking their cocks as pre cum oozes out the tips of their  cocks. I’m so creative i say to myself! we are going to really make some nice cabbage with this clip! I know what boys like to see….the dirtiest kinkiest stuff I can think  of!

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