Morning Wood Is My Favorite

fantasy phone sexI bet you woke up with morning wood this morning, didn’t you? You know who would like to help you out with that? Me, of course. I love a nice hard cock in the morning. I love to hear your voice as you stroke that big dick to the sound of my voice. Me telling you how I want to start with a hand job, jerking you until the pre-cum leaks. Then I will lick that pre-cum right off the head. It’s sensitive isn’t it baby. Just like I like it. I will move my head between your legs, brushing my hair back as I take your dick deep in my mouth. You can almost feel my warm breath and soft tongue, now can’t you? I will rub your balls as I take you deeper inside my mouth, opening my throat, taking you all the way down. I can hear you moaning now as you grab my head and ram my face to the base of your dick, fucking my face hard as ram it in my throat. I feel you getting bigger and your moans getting louder. I look up and watch your face as you shoot a huge load of cum down my throat. I just love a good morning blowjob, don’t you?

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