Mommy Please Show Me Your Rape Fantasies

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“Say it again.” I demanded, standing over you. “I’m your little fuck toy.” You whimpered. “You’re the fuck toy for a big cock Trans Queen?” “Yes and I need you to show me your rape fantasies! I need you to fill me up with that huge cock!” I smirked because that’s exactly what I wanted to hear. I had you by the hair, and I wasn’t being gentle when I forced my cock all the way back into your throat. The swollen pink cock head is bouncing off your tonsils, making you unable to breathe. That’s okay because all you need is this girl dick showing you those rape fantasies right down your throat. There’s nothing you could have done to prevent me fucking your throat and forcing you to swallow all ten inches of my thick throbbing cock. You’re trying to squirm away, but I pin you against the wall while I pull my cock in and out of your sore, trembling lips. I could see it in your eyes, and by the swell of your pathetic dripping cock that you loved the way I was taking such advantage of you. And I was loving it even more than my little rape fantasy slut was.

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