kinky phone sexI seem to have this fetish where two planes collide, I just don’t know what it is about it the impact. Maybe it’s the sudden burst of flames. I just don’t know what it is but I am so turned on by the sight the sound the colors. Its all so surreal as though its not happening and its all a dream or nightmare. It almost reminds me of a big pulsating cock about to burst with cum and the faces and sounds that come from that man is so satisfying to me. Then the sight of a plane nose dive into the ground bursting into flames, big, thick clouds of smoke fill the air. It’s the crash and burn of it all. The explosion is such a turn on when I watch that I cum so hard out my tight little pussy. Cum just oozes out my ass with desire from seeing such acts. Hey everyone has their kinks. The collision and explosion of burning flames get me so filled with utter desire to cum so hard on a huge cock.

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