Mama Irene Offers it All Up

Mama Irene offers it all up for the best phone sex lines. My clan of fuck meat is available for the plucking. Cherry juice and butt sauce are what’s on this smorgasbord of sinning. Who needs an Old Cunt Buffet when you get the Fresh Taco platter, Vienna wieners, and soft plump bums. I have the big tits and juicy holes for those pervert dicks and tongues to explore.

Let me entice you with a sweet young daughter of mine, or possibly an untouched one from the neighborhood. All the brats on the street know where the fun is. It’s at Mama Irene’s house. Timmy and Casey are sweet and young and bring in so many sweet treats in their little neighborhood jaunts or playing at the school grounds.

It’s really great when parents also just drop their brats off at my place. I just might have what you are looking for pervert daddy.

Best phone sex lines

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