Make Me Beg You Daddy


Daddy, I see you standing there all sexy. Your big fat dick is hanging out of your pants. Even on soft, your sexy man cock is fat and thick just the way I like it. Your staring at me, I know what you want from me but I am waiting for you to give me your orders. Do not ask me, Daddy, tell me. Tell me to get on my fucking knees and crawl over to Daddies dick. I want to taste daddies fat dick so bad. I need you to make me work for it daddy. Make me show you how bad I want to taste the tip of your fat daddy dick head. When you finally let me get a lick daddy, show me who runs shit. The more you push your fat dick into my mouth, letting your fat daddy fill up my throat, the more this anxious wet pussy will get. Dominate me with your daddy dick. The more I submit to you daddy the harder your fat dick will get. I want to feel your fat daddy worm growing deep in the back of my throat.

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