Let Me Tell You About My Furry Yiffing Convention

Fetish Phone SexSo, let me tell you about last years office conference. We always go somewhere for a week typically in the spring. It is more of a vacation actually as we do extraordinarily little work. Anyways when I got the itinerary, I noticed it was in a remote location with not a lot of tourist attractions. I googled the week and location and surprisingly it was a Furry Yiffing festival. I knew they were into that type of fetish, but I have never been to one. When we arrived, it was full of people dressed as animals and lots and lots of blow up toys. The boys were bright eyed and bushy tailed (pun intended). We checked in and agreed to meet in 1 hour in the lobby. When I arrived, they were waiting for me wearing a variety of costumes. I asked where the boss was, and they pointed to my left. I looked over and there he was dressed as some comical character fucking a blow-up reindeer. The rest of the week was much of the same and actually pretty hot. I might or might not have donned a big strap on and fucked the reindeer myself. You have any deep dark taboo fetishes you want to explore?

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