Big tits and ass gave you a ladycock surprise

I love when young cock males hit on me. All they see is Big tits and asses and it makes them want to pound you right away. Today when i was shopping one was hitting on me talking about my body. I giggled it off and even joked about his young age. “Where’s your daddy baby, he seems more like the age that could handle me”. Then he winks and slapped my ass letting me know he could handle anything I had for him. “Oh, you are very cocky I see” and winked back. “So am i baby, very big cocky”.

My ass switched as I walked towards the dressing room. There was no way he wasn’t going to let me go, so he followed me. Are you sure you are ready? He replied with a big smile saying he would do anything. I kissed his lips and pushed him against the wall, nibbling his neck from behind and putting my hands. Your moaning sounds and you saying you don’t normally get dominated, started to excite me. Look at you baby you are rock hard.


Big tits and asses

Then you felt me, I can feel your body tense, I get on my knees and spread your ass. Once you feel my tongue wiggling on your asshole, your body is so relaxed I know I could take you. I stood up and jacked your cock off while slowly forcing my cock in your young virgin ass. Don’t worry baby I’m going to take care of you are the words you heard before i was nine and a half inches deep in you.

Tell me you love me pounding you baby. My cock goes in and out of you harder and harder. Finally, you moan out that you want it, and my tranny dick can’t take it anymore and I start filling you up. That is all your body needed, your knees buckled, and you sprayed my hand. You were being held up by my dick still deep inside you. This is a first time you will not forget.

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