Jessie Loves Fresh Meat

Little girl phone sex


Look, I like little girl phone sex as much as the next slit licking slut, but this new guy I’m fucking is proudly addicted to the fat puffy nips and pink little clits of tight teen whores.  I’m serious, I don’t even think addicted is a strong enough word for it.  It seems like hot little holes and beautiful budding boobies are the only things in the world that Jerk Off Jessie lives for.

His social media feeds are full of flat chested and big nippled nubiles and dewy little pussies with holes so tight that it’s hard to imagine that they would even be able to take a middle finger, let alone a big, fat, gash gaping cock.  They are super sexy blossoming sluts, there’s no denying that, but Jessie spends every waking minute curating, editing, posting and whacking off to all of the little girls he finds online.

His raunchy feeds are a P lover’s wide awake wet dream.  He has so many luscious little lass loving followers, it’s insane!  I had no idea that so many people like to look at barely used tiny little fuckholes and barely there itty-bitty chesticles to juice their junk.  I don’t consider myself to be naive, but judging by my reaction to his never ending list of followers, I guess I might be!  That’s also what made me feel safe enough to join in on the fun and start following him.

I’m just another profile on Jessie’s ever growing list of fuck freak followers.  I’m surprised he even responded to my dick hunting DM, but I did play up the fact that my pussy is super tight and wet and offered him the chance to get inside of it to test it out for himself.  He liked the way it felt and didn’t even mind that my gigantic jugs are way bigger than all of those tiny tits he usually ogles, but I couldn’t get him to blow his boner batter until I pulled out some butt naked pics of me as a tawdry little teen tease to show him how I looked when I was fresh meat.  Once he caught a glimpse of my glamorously glistening gash and pre boob job jigglers, he filled my like new cunt with so much cum that I thought I would never be able to push and squeeze it all out of me.

I don’t know how he does it, but somehow Jerk Off Jessie gets away with showing the world the prettiest young pre-whores that have ever been posted on the web.  Of course I had to let him put those old snaps of my snatch up for everyone’s enjoyment, I want them to jack off to me, too!


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