It Hurts If You Don’t Do It Right

Anal phone sex





I absolutely love anal phone sex now, but I remember when taking a long, rectum loving rod in my asshole used to hurt.  In fact, the first guy who ever reamed out my tiny rim wasn’t very nice about it at all.  I don’t know if he was just excited or if hearing me scream really made him jizz it, but the dumbass who took my anal virginity made me hate the idea of taking it up the ass for a good while.

We all know that the first thing you do to an asshole you want to fuck is lick it.  Tickle that dirty hole with your tongue and squish it inside of that tight little sphincter so you can wiggle around inside of it for a while.  That’s standard.  You get a lot of spit in there as you suck and lick and prod that ass-pussy with pointed tongue.  Once it’s all lubed up with mouth slime, you can start adding fingers into the equation to gently massage and explore that hot hole with care.  Loosen a crap chute up really easily so you can straighten out that hershey highway without hurting anyone.

This asshole had obviously never heard, or done, any of that.  All he did was bend me over and told me to get ready because he was about to put it in my ass.  He spit on it once and stuck a pokey finger as he jerked his own cock.  I screamed and told him to go slower but all he did was say “Shhh.  It’s okay, shhhh.” and kept jamming his dry digit deeper inside of me.  He hocked a loogie on his knuckles and started pushing it in with another finger, which might as well have been his whole hand, the way it felt.  With that wail, he was so hard his cock could’ve bent steel.  Instead, he gave it one more coating of his frothy spit and pounded his eight inch pole into my pooper like a piston.

“That’s how we do it.” he whisper-growled at me, keeping his massive meat buried as deep into my ass as he possibly could, no matter how much I screamed or protested.  He rocked back and forth, up and down for a while, stretching my asshole out so it would better fit his dick.  Once my screams lightened a little, he spit on my rim/his prick one more time and started pumping into me.  Not soft and easy with little strokes, long hard pounding that made my legs quiver.  The kind that made his body and balls slap against me and produced a sharp slap!

Reflexes made me squirm off of it a few times, which he absolutely wasn’t having.  He locked my arms into position behind my back and took my backhatch honey hole to pound town.  I kept begging him to stop and to just fuck my pussy, but that was not on his agenda in any way.  When I realized my shithole was in for the long haul, I tried to tighten up and make him blow his load as quickly as possible.  I started yelling “Please cum!  Please just cum!” in an effort to get his goop and get him out of me, which did the trick after a few agonizing minutes.

He told me it would be better the next time and it kind of was.  I didn’t believe him, but he was a little right.  By the time we stopped dating, I took his terrible ass fucking like a champ.  Now I don’t even think about letting a guy put his dick in my butthole unless he licks it first.  It’s not that I can’t take it, it’s that I won’t take it.


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    • Jimmy on June 21, 2022 at 6:35 pm
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    I would love to suck on your pussy while he rams your asshole. You look so fucking tasty

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