Is Cheap Better? Am I Worth Being Your Mistress

Cheap phone sex

Cheap phone sex let me tell you about my experience last night. We ALL know that I love married men. I keep several on hand at any given time to play with. What can I say, they make magnificent toys! They are SO fucking eager, because they aren’t getting what they lust for at home anymore! There’s nothing sexy about “not tonight, I have a headache” or “don’t touch me!” But when ladies begin to ignore their man, that’s when Everly moves in for the kill!

Last night, I packed an overnight bag and met him at his house after he got off work Friday evening, planning to spend the whole weekend there. I had all my favorite toys – the ones I like to use on me, AND the ones I like to use on him! You see, this fuck toy, whom we shall give the random name Richard, LOVES having his ass fucked! I’d gone all out… tying him to the bed, legs spread and tied to the bottom posts and held open, so I could invade his ass as deep and as hard as I wanted! He loved being restrained and impaled this way, and we were DEEPLY into our play when all at once, we heard the bedroom door slam open and a woman’s voice scream! My mouth dropped open as I realized it was Rachael, home early from her trip!


Did you think I stopped? I kept on fucking Rachael’s husband in his tight little fuck hole. Am I worth the trouble in your home. Your nasty whore slut!!

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