I’m Working Your Daddy

No limits phone sex


I was horny last night, so I sucked your brother’s cock. I told your brother that I was needing a big fat fucking load in my mouth. Your brother really looks so hot he was tasty as a peach I love the way he came all in my mouth. Your brother told your daddy now your dad he’s after me yeah he thinks I’m so damn sexy and he’s always trying. Your dad he’s a nasty man, and he’s still after my pussy your Daddy thinks my cunt is the most beautiful thing in the world I wonder how he knows. This morning your daddy walked up to me, and he told me you said that my cunt was so amazing and that’s why he wants it. He said that his other son said it too and he was going to tell you everything unless I gave him a taste of my cunt. Now I’m stuck in this situation where I have to give my pussy out to your daddy, and I’m sorry I just don’t want to hurt you. I’m thinking all of the time about your daddy fucking me he told me to feel on his big fat bulging cock print. I know your Daddy has a big fat dick that’s where you get it from I know this now I found out I’m going to have to fuck him. Every time that I look at your face, I feel guilty, but I know that I’m doing it for us because your dad always helps us out. Besides your dad said he’s going to do some nice things for us indeed he said he’s going to give us that extra house so we can live in it for free. I believe I told so you see I think that fucking your daddy it’s really going to work out great I can’t wait to satisfy him, so that’s tonight babe. Now when I look in your eyes, I see that you would really forgive me because you know your daddy’s very strict on you and he’ll never do anything for free for you. I am making it possible that your daddy is being so generous he’s going to give us good things, and I’m going to work for rent. Your daddy is a really kind man I thought that he was mean at first, but I was wrong boy, was I wrong.

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