I’m The Office Cum Dumpster!

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As the office cum slut it feels amazing to get so much attention all day at work and then come home with my cunt leaking cum! Every day I wake up so wet and horny, ready to get to work where my boss eats my wet pussy all morning. By lunch time I’m usually three cocks in to the day, taking one in my ass, one in my cunny and one down my throat to help all the guys at the office drain their balls inside me. It feels so good seeing all the other women in the office look at me enviously, they don’t get the admiration or pay that I do for being the office cum dump and they wish they were as hot as me. I live to see their jealous glares as I walk through the office in my sluttiest business attire and high heels, they know I’m a real team player for taking all that cock that they cant handle!

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    • Henry on July 11, 2022 at 5:02 pm
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    I need a team player like you. Productivity may be a problem but who cares?

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