I’ll Call You Daddy

Nothing makes my bald shaved pussy like being told to call my lover daddy, after all I only fuck older men because they really “do it” for me. I’ve even done some dirty little roleplays and got myself waxed and dressed like a Lolita so my lover at the moment could fulfill his dirty perverted little fantasy and it made me so horny feeling the smooth bald cunt and how my pussy lips were so slippery. I was permanently wet while I had the shaved cuny of a young thing, fuck it wasn’t but a few years ago when I was still bald. I have daddy issues or something because it is just such a turn on to fuck older men, older men really get my juices flowing and this is especially true when I get a whiff of an older well dressed mans cologne, I will practically beg to suck his cock and have had to totally rub one out in the janitorial closet of an office building once. I am a bit of a nympho I guess and sometimes I have no patience especially standing against a group of older men in suits in a packed elevator. I just thought about them all taking me right there as we went up.

Bald shaved pussy

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