I Was Ready

fantasy phone sexWell, I got in a little trouble a while back and had a court appearance this morning. Nothing serious just a traffic violation but unfortunately, I have a few of those so I needed this one dropped. So, I did what any hot ass hoe would do. I set up a meeting with the prosecutor to go over the documents. I dressed in what could be considered business slutty. Some heels, thigh highs, short skirt and blouse. His secretary took me to a room to wait. I decided I wasn’t even going to bother with a lame explanation. I prepared for a full-on offense. He knocked on the door and as he walked in, I was bent over showing him my pantiless cunt. He smiled and walked towards me. I pushed him into the chair and went to work on his cock. Unbuckling his pants and pulling that beast from his boxers. Then I kissed his thighs, sucked his balls and finally pushed his throbbing cock deep inside my mouth. He grabbed my hair in his hands and pushed my head between his legs, fucking my face hard. I gagged and choked and finally he held me tight as he filled my mouth full of his warm creamy cum. He told me to not swallow and pulled me to his face, opened his mouth and had me let his cum drip from my mouth onto his tongue.

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