I Pick Up The Phone

fantasy phone sexFantasy phone sex with you makes my pussy quiver with anticipation. Wet and swollen my hand squeezes my clit and fingers my tight warm hole. I arch my back pushing my hard nipples to the sky. I fuck my finger thinking of you. Then just like that my phone rings with you on the other end. I answer out of breath and my fingers wet from my juices. I lick my fingers as I listen to you. You tell me what you want to do to me, and I grab my big thick long dildo. I tell you how I want to deep throat your cock and drain your balls. I hear your wet cock as you stroke it and your shaky breath and slight moans. I frantically rub my pussy again as you tell me how you want to spread my legs and lick my wet mound. I stick the dildo in further as you tell me to lift my legs over your shoulder so you can enter my juicy wet bald pussy. You enter me and I feel you swell inside me. My pussy grasps your cock as we fuck each other hard. You suck my nipples as I slowly stick my finger inside your tight asshole. You clench and I clench as we bring each other to a loud exceptionally tense orgasm.

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