I need all my holes filled

group sex

When was the last time someone let you fuck their ass while you served a dildo in their cunt? You know I’m a nasty fucking slut that wants all of her holes filled at the same time! That’s why I’m such a fan of group sex with a bunch of horny freaks. When there are multiple cocks all around I don’t have to wait for my holes to get filled. I can just look to my left and there’s a dick ready to stuff my whore mouth. If I look right, there’s another rod ready to get rammed inside my shit box! I love that shit! Why don’t you call a couple of your drinking buddies and tell them you know a black slut that is well trained and ready to fuck? I’m sure you remember this good sloppy head and the supreme snatch that i put on you the other day. Put in a good word for me baby. Let them know that I love serving thick meat and can’t go a day without choking it down. I’m ready to play with all of yall!

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