I Love Taking Care of Daddy

My favorite type of calls are daddy calls. I want to tell you exactly how I will please you daddy. Every girl fantasizes about how her daddy will always take care of you, but I also know that daddy loves it when I take care of them too. I love for them to send me flowers, gifts, trips and an unlimited limit credit card.  For that they are rewarded nicely. Not only do they get me on their arm but they also know that I will have that little blue pill ready for them so we can have hours of hot dirty fun. Daddy likes when I dress in a nice skimpy dress to go out on the town and do not wear panties.  They love to slide their hands up my legs and feel my warm hot juicy cunt as we sit at dinner, knowing that when we get home that cunt is all theirs and these lips that they kiss will soon be wrapped around the big head of their cock and blowing them until they unload deep in my mouth. What would you like me to do for you if you were my daddy?

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