I Fucked Him Hard

fetish phone sexBeing an experienced older hoe, I like to keep things exciting. I met this guy online who has incredible kinks that I enjoy playing out for him. Not only does he pay me well, but his ideas can be so naughty that this old broad’s pussy gets wet on its own. Anyway, this time he wanted me to put on a strap on and fuck his young virgin ass. Gladly I say. I suggested maybe a smaller dildo for his first time, but he insisted on going to the store and picking one out on his own. He did not go small and the thought of taking his man pussy cherry with such a big thing was so fucking hot. We met up at the usual hotel and I started by putting a butt plug in his ass to try to stretch it a little. Surprisingly, it went in fairly easy with quite a bit of lube. That led me to believe that he might have been experimenting with other objects on his own but either way I was still ready for this. We drank a bit and I kept pushing his plug in deeper. His cock was rock hard, and I was waiting for him to shoot his load at any minute. When we were ready, I removed the butt plug, applied more lube and laid him down. I lifted his ass up and began pushing that big dildo right in. It was slow going at first, but he was really into it. Rocking back, taking it in deeper and deeper. Of course, before I got it all the way in, he let out the loudest moan and squirted his load, but we continued. He was hard again in no time and when I finally got it all the way in, he was really into it. I fucked that man pussy so hard that the friction actually got me off too. I think I might like this kink.

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