He Worshipped My Hairy Beaver

fetish phone sexThis guy is old school. A hairy bush is what he craves. So lucky for him I have spent the last month being a lazy bitch. My twat was full beaver mode. I knew his weakness and I knew my weakness, money. So, I pulled out the phone and sent him a snap with $$$$ as the caption. He knew what that meant, and he replied with 3/30. That would be deciphered as $300 and 30 minutes. I just sent back a smiling emoji. All set up. Hell, I will let him worship my hairy cunt for an hour for $300. I am not a low-cost slut.

I gave it a good washing and the pubes were curly and coarse and long. A perfect bushy beaver for him to munch down on. Just like clockwork the bell rang, and I let him in. I was wearing a robe and opened it briefly to give him a peak at the goodies. He handed me 3 crisp $100 bills and I led him to my room. I opened my robe and laid back, spreading my legs wide. He stood there admiring its beauty for a good 3 minutes before pushing his nose against me and smelling. Perfect he said as he buried his face inside my cunt and started munching. You like a hairy beaver too? I bet you would like to come and get a taste too.

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