Gym Trainer Fuck Session!


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A hot little cum whore like me has to keep her body tight, when I work out with my trainer he always makes sure I get stretched out all over! Yesterday at the gym my trainer ‘Adam’ showed me how to make the most of my gym sessions. We worked up a sweat lifting and running and then he showed me to the steam room, we were both wrapped in our towels when I got a glimpse of the fat cock that he has been hiding in his gym shorts. I locked the steam room door and dropped my towel completely, his face when he saw my tight wet body was priceless. As soon as I stood in front of him he grabbed my tits and kissed me hard. I started jerking his cock while he fingered my cunt, as soon as he was hard I sat in his lap and guided his dick into my tightness. He spread my pussy with his girth and I moaned so loud, the wet sounds we made echoed all around us in the little steam room. I didn’t want anyone to walk in before I got his big fat cock into my ass too. He knew what I wanted, he spit on his fingers and started working my asshole, stretching me out like any good trainer would. I moaned loudly when he forced his cock into my ass, he slammed into me again and again making my ass his own. I begged him to cum on my face, he delivered plenty of warm delicious cum for his favorite work out partner!

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