Grandson Comes to Visit

Phone Sex Granny

I love when my grandson comes to visit. We have so much fun! I love to lay him down on my bed and tell him to get undressed for granny. He loves to walk around in his Spiderman underwear, and I love to watch his little cock and balls while he does. He loves to watch his grandma take off her panties and bra and sit on my bed and play with myself. Last time he was over I taught him how to stroke his little cock and get it hard so I can put my grandma mouth on it. But this time I think it is only fair that grandma gets to cum. I was sitting in front of him playing with my wet pussy while he watched, I told him to come closer to help me and he came and sat directly in front of my pussy. I told him that he’s going to lick grandma’s pussy all nice and clean for her. I pushed his little head right into my pussy and let him clean up all my juices. It felt so good to have my grandson lick my pussy clean. He did so good, and I came all over his young face.

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