Gotta Play To Win!

Phone sex games


I’ll play any of the phone sex games you can think of and, I promise, I will not let you win.  In fact, you’re going to have to try really hard to beat me.  I don’t even know what you want to play yet, but my competitive side is pretty crazy and will drive me to do whatever I have to do to end up on top.  

In fact, why don’t we just wrestle around a little, do some tumble fucking?  Bend ourselves into all kinds of crazy positions to see if we can bang it out like a couple of circus performers?  How’s that sound?  I can contort myself into all kinds of crazy positions.  We can have our own fuck filled Cirque De Soleil act, complete with ropes and shit, if you want.

How about Poker/Twister/Poke Her?  That’s where we play strip poker until we’re both naked then head over to the Twister mat and try to get through an entire round without fucking each other.  The first one to put their hands on the other person’s cock or cunt loses.  The best part about that is, we both win no matter what!

I don’t know, don’t you have an idea of some sort of sexy game to play?  I’m down for whatever, but you’re going to have to try really hard if you want to win.  Don’t worry, you’re going to blow a hot load or two inside of me no matter if you win or lose.  All you have to do is play! 


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