Good Clean Fun!

Kinky phone sex

I love taking hot soapy baths. My nice round tits look so sexy covered in soapy suds! The best thing about my bathroom is that my bathtub is seated right next to my huge picture window! That’s right, a perfect view for all the neighborhood boys! I get so hot and turned on knowing that they eagerly anticipate the moment that I step into my bathroom! Sometimes the teen boys in the neighborhood gather around in my neighbor’s backyard to catch a glimpse of me undressing. I make sure to put a good clean show for them while they stroke their cocks. I love soaping up my big perky ass and bend over for them! I sometimes bring my toys in with me and have them suctioned to the window, so I can fuck myself for them! Today, I decided to give them an even steamier performance and I suctioned two huge dildos onto the window! I made sure to double fuck my pussy and ass extra hard for those boys!

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